Child Labour and SDET - an article by Ignatius

Child Labour in Tamil Nadu:

Child labour may be defined as one who has not yet attained the age of 14 years and whose physical, mental and social development has suffered due to his pre-mature employment. In Tamil Naud Child labour is a source of income for poor families. Information Sources says that there are 0.217 millions of children working as child labour in Tamil Nadu even now. A universal difficulty in obtaining accurate data may be that individuals fail to report child labour participation during surveys, for fear of prosecution.

Causes of Child labour:

There are various forces, which compel the children to go for work. That can be cited as:

  • Poverty of the families

  • Lack of enough facilities at schools

  • Expenses of schooling

  • Tough syllabus

  • Drop outs

  • Attitude of parents

  • Big families

  • Children like to work

    Government’s Efforts against Child Labour:
    Both of our State and Central Governments have been taking many efforts to remove Child Labour in the country since the year of 1986. They had utilized many international funding sources and had tied up with macro level organistions like International Labour Organisation (UNO), UNESCO, UNICEF and others. As an impact, we can see that there is some changes happened or its radius has been slightly reduced. But they cannot eradicate the system of Child Labour in the entire community. When we analyze the reason for the failure, we could conclude that one is they had only targeted the industrial sector which is having only 0.8% of total child labour and they avoided the agricultural sector those are having 84.29%. And another one is usual Corruption in the implementing agencies. Now the Governments are in position to hide the real factor of the Child Labour to satisfy the international supported organistions and to save its image.

    Realities of Child Labour:

    Child Labour still exists. One of our abroad friends argued with supporting of our Government’s stand along our way to Restaurant. When we sat on dining chairs, there was a boy came to serve us within the age of 13. Now a day the child labour dressed as adults while they are at working to deviate the child labour investigating officers. Particularly in the agricultural sector, children continue their working to reduce the burden of their parents.

    SDET and Child Labour:

    Since its beginning SDET works with the logo of HONOUR THE CHILDREN. So it not only concerns about their work and also about loss of their safe, protection, childhood, affection, freedom, rights, education, status, esteem, honour and everything. Hence forth it brings its activities always with the policies of save the children, give protection with good honour and facilities, and train them to promote their status and contribute the society their good will. It has been changed and changing the lives of as many as children through its projects of Child Labour Prevention, Residential Children’s Home, Special Schools and Vocational Computer Training.