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Lincs with India is run entirely by volunteers with a membership of more than 325 and growing steadily.
As funding partners of SDET, we support some of the most deprived and disadvantaged boys and girls in the world. These are principally from the Tribal settlements in the remoter parts of the Western Ghats. The children are accommodated in supervised hostels where (often for the first time) they have access to education, medical care, and a regular, wholesome diet. Suitable candidates are helped through higher education or trade training.

Together with several Lincolnshire Rotary Clubs (sometimes with District and International grants) we also support the very poor caste communities of the region; for example by putting and maintaining water facilities and providing equipment for the village schools. “Give a Child a Choice”

‘Tribal’ is a generic term generally applied to people living on the fringes of Indian society in remote parts of the country making a precarious living as ‘hunter gatherers’. About 6% of the overall population of India falls into this category while, in Tamil Nadu and Kerala (the areas we visit) it is thought that about 1% of the population are classed as tribals. Tribal people are usually regarded as being outside the caste system, that is beneath the underclass, ‘untouchables’.